Updating rubygems nothing to update

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Gemnasium is free for public repositories with a premium plan for private repositories.Nokogiri is a gem that is a dependency for many other gems (specifically, the rails-html-sanitizer gem and its dependency, the loofah gem).Use `bundle show [gemname]` to see where a bundled gem is installed. Upgrading to Rails 5.0, the newest Ruby on Rails version.Developers often install the newest version of Rails but neglect other components needed for Rails to run successfully. The Rails Apps project provides example applications that developers use as starter apps.Hundreds of developers use the apps, report problems as they arise, and propose solutions.How to update Rails versions and upgrade Rails applications. This article shows how to add a new version of Rails while keeping an old version.

Rails is actively maintained by a large community of developers, which means constant innovation, improvements, and attention to security.

If you neglect to update regularly, upgrading several versions at once may require considerable effort, making it difficult to resolve security vulnerabilities quickly.

If you don’t update Rails, you leave your application and its server open to attack.

You'll also want to upgrade ruby gems itself, and seeing as you have quite an old version you'll want to use these two commands: Use the former if you need (recent versions of) gems that are not available as packages. Ruby Version Manager makes it possible to run multiple versions of Ruby, each with their own set of gems, and switch between the different versions seemlessly.

To keep the Ubuntu packages up to date, use the Ubuntu Update Manager or whatever other method you use to keep other software up to date.

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