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However, there is a higher standard of proof to meet and Doe has little in the way of material evidence, such as a rape kit.

“(In civil court), the plaintiff only has to prove, to a jury’s satisfaction, that his or her allegations are more likely that not true,” Armour said. It doesn’t have to clear the bar by much.” That Doe hasn’t pursued criminal charges is something that Rose’s lawyers may use in their defense. The investigator wants to make sure they have a tight case before they charge anyone.

They both left via cab, and the friend helped Doe return home, where she said she was “extremely incapacitated,” threw up in the bathroom and could “barely make it to the bed,” per the complaint.

Doe and Rose texted that night, including Doe texting Rose, “u need to come to me right now.” Rose, Hampton and Allen showed up at Doe’s apartment, but from a.m. The evidence of texts and calls between the two in the early morning hours of Aug. At one point, Rose, Hampton and Allen are let into Doe’s apartment, or find their way in.

“Such rhetoric has no place in this Court.” In reality, Doe and her lawyers believe this “slut shaming” defense comes completely from Rose’s defense team. Rose, he clearly doesn’t indicate that she’s a gold digger or out for his money.

They dated for a year and a half, almost two years, and if he thought that, he would have said it in his deposition or mentioned it somewhere else,” said Waukeen Mc Coy, one of Doe’s lawyers, in a Wednesday interview with Think Progress.

“These accusations are coming from his lawyers.” Mc Coy went on to say that Rose was unable to define “consent” when asked in his deposition, responding, “No, can you tell me?

Rose’s own toxicologist agrees that Doe had a BAC level around 0.20 that evening, 2.5 times the legal driving limit. Doe’s roommate said there was a man she didn’t recognize in the living room when she returned that night, but she was also intoxicated and immediately went to bed without understanding the situation.

When asked why he and his two friends went to Doe’s apartment after Doe stopped responding, Rose gave this answer in a deposition, per Think Progress. Doe and Rose’s legal dispute is a civil one, not a criminal prosecution.

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