Subclipse error validating location

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Subversion can use the HTTP-based Web DAV/Delta V protocol for network communications, and the Apache web server to provide repository-side network service.

Subversion allows arbitrary metadata ("properties") to be attached to any file or directory.(A slight win for SVN)Subversion 1.5 introduces a write-through proxy feature that allows slave repositories (see read-only mirroring) to handle all read operations themselves while passing write operations through to the master.This feature is only available with the Apache HTTPD (Web DAV) server option.Actually, it turns out that we can use these properties in Kepler to place a dependency on the pt II svn tree so that when a user checks out the kepler svn tree, they can automatically check out the pt II svn tree.This is a case of vendor lock-in, but does give SVN an advantage.

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