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See more » Une vie de chat / A Cat In Paris (Theme) Music composed by Serge Besset Performed by Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra-Sif 309, Vincent Beer-Demander(mandolin), Alain Territo (double bass), Jean-Marc Michel(accordion), Andy Barron (percussion), Pierre Drevet (trumpet) Conducted by Stéphane Cortial See more » I thoroughly enjoyed this film: in one sense it's an animated spoof of a classic thriller genre, in another it's a charming entertainment -- and it contains a very well observed cat!

Like the B-movies to which it nods, it packs a vast amount of action into its 65-minute running time, leavening action with humour (the splatted dog is a classic cartoon gag -- but it's a tribute to the emotional realism of the film that later on the audience was actually worried that it had come to serious harm) and parody with genuine feeling: the gangsters discussing food are a homage to Quentin Tarantino, but the bereaved Jeanne's battles with the cartoon-Costa of her imagination put a quiver in my stiff upper lip.

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One image in particular was of Metz molesting his own infant daughter.

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There's a filthy pedophile going by the nickname Zlurker. He's an abusive husband and father........he's addicted to pictures of little girls. He can't stop talking about his desire for little girls."the more individuals engage in fantasy, the more motivating and more detailed the rehearsal may become, and the more able the individuals are to convince themselves to act out the behaviour in real life"Zlurker is quite concerned about AZ sharing the search terms that child porn seekers who visit us use. That's how filthy pedophiles are, they worry about the wrong things.

And while I've been accused of being "angry" I can't help but wonder who could know about these things and NOT be angry?

What my accusers obviously don't understand is that my anger is cold and calculating.

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