Number validating a meeting

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) and the rules of evidence (especially: is it valid and reliable? Example 2: Unlike the first example, there are lots of people who deliver the TAE40110.I work with a number of RTOs, and we exchange assessment items so that they get to have a look at mine, and I get to have a look at their’s.Mostly it comes down to Vet Quality Framework requiring RTOs to do it as a condition of registration.In any case, it is worth knowing some of these reasons, because they also let us know just how important validation is for a whole range of things to do with our work.

Gaining a commitment from external training organisations is also desirable.The following list gives us an idea of some validation processes.An example is included for each so we can better understand when this type might be used.We can make it very complicated, but really that’s what it comes down to.Whenever we do any assessment that might lead to the issue of a nationally recognised qualification (such as one from a Training Package), we need to validate our work.

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