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Police body-worn cameras are now a social justice matter.They are also a part of the discussion about growing use of law enforcement surveillance and the untold possibilities of artificial intelligence.“Not only that, you’re eating up valuable storage space.Video’s not small.” The company is explicitly not trying to compete with the big, established body cam sellers like Axon — yet.“I’d say that where we are today, if a department has million to spend and wants to outfit their patrol officers with a body camera that they’re wearing for eight hours on their shift, I’d say that an Axon or body-worn camera may be the better solution today,” he said.Rather, Bennett said, smaller departments with limited budgets might be interested in a solution that uses existing devices rather than new ones.Body-worn cameras on police are increasingly called for in the hope they might help ease heightened tensions between officers and communities.

Californians Overwhelmingly Support Body Cameras for Law Enforcement, Study Says Chris Bennett, Callyo’s chief executive officer, said 20 law enforcement agencies have signed contracts to use the service in its first 60 days on the market.“Instead, as cognitive psychologists, we appreciate just how fallible memory can be, especially during stressful situations.We expect that police reports will differ from what the video camera records because officers too experience cognitive limitations.That one is entirely free, and appears to have gained significant traction among users.According to Bennett, more than 75,000 users have downloaded that app and registered it using a law enforcement email address. The company itself has support from a single angel investor that Bennett declined to name, and hasn't yet completed a full fundraising round.

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