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Celebrities and social media influencers loved it, Nardone says, because they could interact beyond their core audiences.

Fling was also finding a following on college campuses.

But because Fling hadn't been fully banned, Apple assigned them a liaison with the App Store and gave them the chance to try again. For 19 days, every Fling employee worked around the clock, sleeping in the office, trying to build a new version of the app that met Apple's guidelines.

Eventually, they made a new app, almost totally from scratch, that ditched the "chat-with-strangers" bit and made it a little bit more like Snapchat, with followers and broadcast modes. "Obviously, our users didn't know what was going on," Nardone says.

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But one of his executives, also present for the conversation, stopped him, muttering "no, no, no." A perplexed Nardone made it through the conversation.After the inital message no response through the website or the personal email accounts.Every time you go to the site some of the girls on the first page are the same but a different city every time.But when he asked the employee what had him so agitated, he got the worst news that an app startup can get: It had been removed from Apple's App Store. Originally, Fling was a messaging app for i Phone and Android that tried to take you beyond the limits of your own social circle.When you took a picture or a video, it got sent out to 50 strangers all over the world, and then they could chat and reply to you.

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