Dating sim game for girls psp

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is set in Japan during the time of the Shinsengumi.

It stars a girl named Chizuru who comes to Kyoto to find her missing doctor father, but arrives in disguise to avoid trouble while traveling.

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It’s difficult to find comprehensive, reputable sources on the development of otome games, but academic Hyeshin Kim wrote about the trend in her cultural essay, “Women’s Games in Japan: Gendered Identity and Narrative Construction.” According to Kim, otome games were developed, originally, by an all female team who intended the product to take off with adolescent girls in Japan.

Playing an otome game is an incredibly lonely experience, as the fantastic and imaginative environments never allow you to forget that you are interacting with a developer’s image of an attractive man.

It’s rare for classic otome games to employ any irony, unlike fun, comedic simulators like , in which the player woos and dates pigeons.

All otome games are remarkably similar, following the same pattern — choose your fictional guy, trade automated responses regularly, change partners if you want — but the games differ in environments.

Some are based in workplaces, others in academic settings.

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