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BTW, i've heared that women can hold on to their beliefs better than most men would, inside a relationship. I don't even like being called athiest/agnostic as its still putting me in a catergory involved with Religion. Mudhunny, why do I get the feeling you just peeked at my profile? Judaism is a part of who I am but does not adequately describe any affiliation I have to religion. There is still that basic premise and belief, which to me, equates to religious. He doesn't go to church, but he does believe in a supernatural being.(and i believe that to be the truth) cause they are by default more spiritual. But I don't insult others, I just get pissy when people wake me up at 6am trying to convert me.. This is not not a black & white issue so some of my thinking may arguably be considered part of a religious belief system. Unless the religion is being shoved down my throat and someone is trying to convert me, it doesn't play any part in my being friends with someone and getting to know them. You don't have to go to church every Sunday to be religious. I have nonreligious in my profile because I'm not religious in the least. This bothers me to some extent, but it doesn't affect our friendship. We're friends for an extensive array of reasons, and we don't have to agree on everything.[As a totally unrelated aside, in the words of Lynden B. Unless the religion is being shoved down my throat and someone is trying to convert me, it doesn't play any part in my being friends with someone and getting to know them. The smartest person I know, one of the few who I am sure is beyond my abilities in every way shape or form (I consider myself to be fairly bright, which is perhaps, my one really strong strength.Johnson, "All the guns, the bombs, the rockets, and the warships, are all symbols of human failure."]Pyke, i would advise you to find a woman that shares similar beliefs as you do. Take people as they are in the first place, and assume they won't change a bit. One definition of religious is : “manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality”Think you should take non-religious of your profile, actually I'd say you sound pretty fanatical!! Religion is very personal, so if I view my religious background more as a heritage than my faith, that does not make me wrong. Nonpracticing is a very different kettle of fish, imo. Don't worry, I know my flaws too), believes in god.(That being said, I have friends who are right-wing christians; we get along but we don't discuss religion or politics, and I don't like that.My closest friends tend to be left-wing and either atheist or not devout, even if they do believe in a supreme being).I would never exclude someone based on religion alone, but it's still important.My question thus is; is it unreasonable to assume that "Non-religious" means you are an athiest/agnostic, or is this another one of those cases where what is written is not necessarily what is meant?

This is not healthy in a relationship, but does not pose a problem if the person is already to the left.As for Other religion - when I see that, I think of something less mainstream, like pagan or whatever, not non-practicing. It really can't be that hard to code the damn thing, and would be useful imo.There's always a choice btw, for example, there's a lovely "about me section". People who are arabaic do not necessarily have to be Muslim, and thus, arabaic is a culture.I realize that you can't have everything you want; but meh, I'm someone who loves to talk, discuss, challenge, need someone with a similiar mentality for that to work.

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