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*Yes, this is pure Hammer Horror: a work conceived as sheerest exploitation which somehow transforms itself - in its greatest moments anyway - to an authentic romantic poetry.Yes, of course, a lesbian vampire movie made by men may seem the height of sexism, and at a conceptual level the movie may be open to those charges.The movie is hardly unflawed but when its accidental poetry gels, few movies in its genre can surpass it.

See full summary » A religious sect led by Gustav Weil hunts all women suspected of witchcraft, killing a number of innocent victims.Dracula follows the Monsignor back to his hometown, preying on the holy man's beautiful niece and her friends.The Countess is called away to tend a sick friend and imposes on the General to accept her daughter Marcilla as a houseguest.The hotly debated question was whether the payment, which the administration attributes to a 37-year-old arms deal, was actually a ransom paid for the release of American hostages Tehran had abducted. Military Success in Syria Gives Putin Upper Hand in US Proxy War AUGUST 7, 2016 For the first time since Afghanistan in the 1980s, the Russian military has been in direct combat with Syrian rebel forces trained and supplied by the CIA.It is a waste of time to debate that point further. Russia’s battlefield successes in Syria have given Moscow new leverage in decisions about the future of the Middle East...

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