Antique dating knife

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This is in overall very good condition for the age, with clear engraving to the 29 inch blade, the shagreen and grip wire in good condition and the brass elements of the hilt with some gilding remaining and in good shape.

This is a relatively robust example of the type, with nice thick brass guard.

The blade of this sword has been service sharpened and is in fairly good condition, with grey patina and a little light pitting, but unfortunately the scabbard and leather grip in particular have been the victims of damp damage.

There is some slight movement to the backstrap, guard and ferrule, though the grip seems to be tight on the tang, so you don't feel it much when holding.

The blade is free of warps or bends and is a nice little choppy blade like a scaled-down 1796 sabre.

The blade is mostly bright with clear etching, a little rubbed in places and with some patches of black staining/pitting here and there.

The guard and backstrap are lightly pitted from rust, but have been cleaned bright, still showing the engraved decoration and chequering. A rare and desirable sword in fairly good condition, with research potential.

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